Friday, April 4, 2008


I am going to figure out what number I am at as I write this. Malarkey, did you catch the horrifying title of the last post before I had to change it? I guess I need to enter my list to eBird first to see which ones are actually new ones. I know all the Western Meadowlarks I saw were new to the list. As we got down into South Dakota I started seeing lots of them including a group flying next to the car for a bit in direct sunlight with the yellow made me say Meadowlark Lemon out loud. I am back in KY until May. I must complete some train car models before I go back to North and South Dakota. Hopefully I can squeeze Peeley in before I go. I hope to get to see some cool sandpipers and such when I go back! OK, it looks like 149.
1 Golden Eagle! LIFE BIRD - AWESOME!
2 Western Meadowlark! LIFE BIRD
3 Bohemian Waxwing! LIFE BIRD
4 Swainson's Hawk! LIFE BIRD
5 Northern Pintail - Hundreds of them!
6 Ring-necked Pheasant - Including the world's largest!
7 Wild Turkey - about 40 including 3 toms with one displaying COOL!
Spring is just about here to give my list a good shot. I will never get to 500 without Texas and Alaska. I hope the Dakotas don't cut out the Alaska trip.

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