Wednesday, September 3, 2008


or McCain. I really don't give a damn. My friend with the police stopped by the house last night. He looked like something out of Judge Dredd. Guns, tazers, lazers, vests, cameras etc... Looked like it is a bad idea to break the law these days. I am going to be a Cub Scout soon. Liam too. As most of you know, Liams birthday is Sept. 24th. If you want to get him a super cool gift check these out. size 1.5
Let me know if you get them though because I am going to if I can.


Anonymous said...

i like the green and yellow ones; i'm a size 10, 2E wide...thanks!

happy should have come with RAS and I...'Oh Canada' was the highlight, but saw a yellow-bellied flycatcher and a few other migrants (although slow overall).

e2 said...

We like the green and yellow ones too! His uniform is red though so we figured we would try to match. Canada would have been worth it for me.