Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hawk banding in Cape May is fast approaching. I think some of the guys have already gotten there. It is late in the season and a slow station is expected but I am sure something exciting will happen. Also, Ryan and I will be looking to the Avalon Sea Watch to provide us with some cool winter birds. I am hoping to see Harlequin Duck also!

On another note, check out if you have lots of books. You can list books to give away and get credits for new books from other members. It works. It is super cool.
I will let Brian hype the American Bird Conservancy.
Also, check out if you would like to support non-violent intervention of the destruction of our Oceans. There is a new show called "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet channel you can check out that follows their exploits too. These guys are doing what needs to be done. We should all care about the environment so much. If you don't have the stomach for action(not everybody does for sure) you can still support them with a donation or merchandise purchase. e2

Sea Shepherd Patch available at

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