Monday, August 10, 2009


it was hotter than a June Bugs a$$ on the 4th of July! I just got back from Kentucky Dam Village @ Land Between the Lakes in Western you guessed it Kentucky. It was Awesome!! basketball shoes. Birding was nice with plenty of herons, gulls and Osprey. Some of the birding highlights included Acadian Flycatcher, Barred Owl (seen), Blue Grosbeak, Prothonatary Warbler and a completely unexpected Mississippi Kite!! I met up with a friend to look for Bachman's Sparrow(not found) and on the way to said bird saw a bird and said "That is something good!" We were on highway 68 in Trigg Co. heading West towards Cadiz, Ky. The bird flew over and landed in a snag just off the highway so I said "pull over, pull over, PULL OVER you dumba$$!" Plain as day an Adult Male Missississsissippi Kite!! I have caught sight of one before but this was an awesome look and a bird that was not mentioned on my checklist AND a total surprise making it my favorite sighting of all time! converse shoes. sports shoes. tennis shoes. chuck taylor wears nice athletic shoes.
The trip was a family reunion of sorts paid for by the love(money) of a passed uncle. Grandpa rented us a ski boat and we went tubing. It was fun and you would have laughed to see my fat a$$ pulled ever so slowly through the water bouncing the tube in frustration screaming "GO FASTER!" "YOU ARE RUINING MY VACATION!!" "COME ON, GO FASTER!!" until I was hoarse, anything I could to get my wife who had never driven a boat to go faster. It didn't work.
The kids had a blast. So did I. converse shoes.
We also got to see a nice Bison heard a Five-lined Skink and Southern Leopard Frogs (I assumed they were Northern but they were not. I went herping briefly the last night there and was rewarded with a juvinile Copperhead which I touched a few times trying to get a better pic but he just wouldn't coil up...he just wanted to get away as fast as he could.
Maybe someone (Shane) could i.d. these plants? converse shoes
Remember, you can click on the pics to get giant sized images!
converse shoes

Bumpalos at the Elk & Bison Prarie where many Blue Grosbeak were seen.

Cool "pitcher" flower in numbers behind cabin

Unknown(by me) plant behind cabin

Southern Leopard Frog (I think you can see the light spot in the center of the tympanum in this pic)


The Bison heard. a grosbeak.

Insert Prairie plant name here found at Elk & Bison Prarie


Anonymous said...

Nice band-aide SOPUNG BOB SMEAR PANTS!!!!! Looks like fun! How was Patties? Malarkey....

Big Fat Birder - e2 said...

Pattis was muy excellente! glad someone noticed my band-aid

Anonymous said...

A little help with your unknown plants from Scott S. at Eco-Tech:

1). "pitcher" flower = Impatiens capensis (orange touch-me-not)

2.) unknown (to you) plant = Polygonum caespitosum (oriental lady's thumb)

3.) prairie plant = Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly weed)

There, now you can sleep at night! Hope you're doing well. Maybe we can get you to help us out this summer, if need be?