Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amazon Kingfisher

Texas is awesome. I need to go there or better yet live there. They have an Amzon Kingfisher down there right now! What about Bare-throated Tiger Heron? Maybe a Roadside Hawk? Maybe instead of Cape May every year we should go to TX every year?

Amazon Kingfisher - Photo courtesy of Nick Athanas


Anonymous said...

Roadside Hawks are pretty darn cool. They figured out were were banding and that Clay-colored Robins would just "hang in mid-air" when we were in TX/MX and we banded several trying to pick prey from the nets. TX is awesome. Nice photo of the kingfisher too!

Anonymous said...

know a guy that lives down there and traps raptors like a mad man all year down there (although much different style than at Cape May). Lots to see down there. I thought hook-billed kite was kingfisher? are you kidding me? another kingfisher on the already-cool list of 3 regulars?! a fellow-employee that lives down there has found it already too...jealous! bws