Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I ran out for about an hour at lunch time to see what I could see at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, OH. There had been a report of some Fox Sparrows mixed in with a flock of White-throated Sparrows and I need the FOSP for the BiG Year list! I only saw one last year by chance in December so I decided I better go looking for it this year. The person who reported them mentioned that they were in section 118 of the cemetery. I had no idea where that was and didn't see any sections marked when I first drove in. I didn't hardly see or here anything for the first 15min. One Blue Jay and one Northern Mockingbird (Yes! I needed that too) I was just driving around aimlessly through the cemetery when I noticed some inconspicuous numbers on trees and realized they must be section numbers. I saw 57 first and was already lost and not sure which way to go. I ran across a flock of about 10 Carolina Wrens and then more silence everywhere. I saw section 70 something and just kept driving and then out of nowhere section 118. I continued on to the next intersection and saw another 118 and turned left into a big flock of sparrows. Awesome. Would I get to see the Fox Sparrow I came for....I doubted it. There were WTSP everywhere, about 30......and sure enough, a couple of Fox Sparrows! I found out later I was supposed to be looking for section 125! Good thing I am an idiot! This area seemed to have all the birds....sparrows scratching around everywhere and a few jays, Tufted Titmouse and Crows flying over. And then I saw a bird and caught my breath for a moment because I didn't know what it was. It looked like something from South America at first glance, mind switching to some kind of woodpecker.....what kind though.....out of range? White wing patch recognition...OH! it must be a juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker! Sure enough, 3rd new species for the BiG YeAr list! Turned out to be a great little trip.

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