Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I went out briefly this morning for about an hour to California Woods and a few minutes at Armleder. When I first drove into California Woods I saw 2 warblers on the road. One was a Yellow-rumped Warbler and one was a Yellow-throated Warbler. On the way out there was again warblers and a couple of goldfinch on the road. I thought I saw about 5 yellow-rumps and 1 yellow-throated but as the angle changed on the the yellow-throat it turned into just another yellow-rump. The angle I first saw it at didn't show the yellow rump and made the yellow look as if it went all the way up the throat to the lower mandible....but it didn't.
There was a bunch of birdy activity. Many fee-bee fee-bays and titmice. The strangest sounding cardinal I have ever heard....kind of a low squeaky raspy version of it's typical ray gun sounding song. A couple of Pileated Woodpeckers burst out in laughter at one point. There were also red-bellies, downys, carolinas, flickers, nuthatches and robins. I saw my first Eastern Phoebe of the year, #153. A couple actually, including one on a nest. I also saw and heard a kingfisher chattering away like a machine gun. He seemed out of place in the woods and flew off after a bit, seemingly out of the woods. Spring has definitely poked its head through the door.
After the woods, I ran over quickly to Armleder and didn't see too much. Meadowlarks were up and singing (they sound so different from westerns) 2 white-crowns, a couple of Song Sparrows, a c goose and some red-wings. I was hoping to run into some Wilson's Snipes but struck out.
I thought I had a decent day until I got home and my 4 year old Gannon said "Daddy, daddy did you go looking at birds in the forest?""Did you see an oystercatcher!?" and I realized that would have been much more exciting. e2

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