Monday, April 14, 2008


I live in Southgate, Ky. Not close to the ocean or the arctic north. Three minutes from my house at a little city reservoir I enjoyed viewing and listing 151-Black Scoter and 152-Surf Scoter from about 50 yards away. I expected them because they were reported the night before by another local birder. They were not expected to ever be on my county list before that, so it is very cool! There was a Sparrow Hawk there today also.
As I was looking at the Scoters from the side of a public road in a safe location, not trespassing, I was approached by a member of the elite Ft. Thomas Police Dept. I felt like a fat Rambo. Harassed for no reason, unwanted renegade birding riff-raff.... oh, and fat. It isn't the cops fault I felt fat, I just am. Actually I didn't feel fat at that moment but I am not ripped like Rambo and thought I should clarify why I said a fat Rambo instead of just Rambo. I thought it would be misleading and make you think "he looks like Rambo?", no wonder he got questioned." I don't look like Rambo, I just felt like Rambo, mentally, not physically. I do take "crazy pills" though so that I don't go "Rambo" on people. What was I talking about? The officer asked me what I was doing and what I was looking at. OK. Then he asked to see my i.d. ? Then he called me in and had me checked out. When I was cleared he cleverly said curiously "Did you walk all the way here?" I told him no and where I had parked and he said good-bye and drove right over to check out my car. Let this be a lesson to all you hardened felon birdwatchers out there. Not in my town! Your kind is not welcome around here! How many criminals have slipped up and been caught birding in a public place? I'll bet it is zero.
Yes whomever is annoyed by it.... there is no such thing as a Sparrow Hawk. I saw an American Kestrel. I know it annoys me when I read someone use the wrong name. I figure they must not know what the hell they are talking about even though that is likely the opposite of the truth. e2


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Looks like Malarkey can finally post.

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I likes them Myrtle warblers, those canarys with black heads, oldsquaws, pigeon hawks, turkey buzzards and the like.

Can't believe you are dogging the po-po. Did you draw first blud?

e2 said...

I love the police....just having a little fun.

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Message in a bottle rules!