Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am now at 308 for the year with Golden-crowned Kinglet. Checking off birds at this rate I willbe to 500 by the time I am 50! Hopefully some big winter trips I am trying to work out will bring birds in herds.
This morning I heard some carolina's which is common in my yard but I decided to go look at them through the eye enhancers. I couldn't locate it at first so I decided to see if I could pish it out into the open. It quickly flew closer to the fence below me(I was up on the back porch) and then it flew on to the neighbors tree. I couldn't see it and was continuing to pish while looking. I took the binocs down and there was another wren cocking its head and looking at me about 3 feet away on the railing! Pretty cool.
Matt do you have any traps so I can catch the 4000 house sparrows in my yard for you to drive down to Cape May with? You're going to need a bigger boat.
Gannon lost his first tooth.

Gannon sans tooth - Age 5

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