Saturday, October 11, 2008


"Extreme birder"

Starting tonight at midnight the Big Fat Birders team will appropriately begin its participation in "The Big Sit" . The Big Sit is an annual worldwide event in which teams sit in a 17' diameter circle for 24hrs listing all species seen and heard. Talk about extreme birding! The Big Fat Birders team consists the Team Captain, Eddie the Big Fat Birder himself, expert at sitting and the habitat destruction expert Ryan, the tree hugging expert Brian, the poo expert Matt and the salami expert Jeff. This year none of the team members will be attending other than the stupid Team Captain who forgot to register the team until today and made the circle location his back porch. Any drunken idiot who would like to stop by can participate with the team as well. At least 5 species are sure to be seen so it should be an action packed 24hrs! The team captain said "I'm not really looking forward to it at all and will likely go bird somewhere else." Good Luck Big Fat Birders are real men of genius!

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