Thursday, February 12, 2009


This morning I heard a strange bird whistle out back while I was upstairs. "What's that?" I went to the window and saw nothing unusual but still heard it. Slow long single note repeated about 5 seconds apart 4x or so and then a break. It was something I have never heard before. I ran downstairs(walked faster than normal) and couldn't find my $300 magnifying glass. I asked my wife with the urgency of a man looking for a restroom after a night of chili dogs..."Where did you put my binocular?!" Precious time was passing to see and identify the amazing rarity that had miraculously shown up in my small Kentucky yard in the middle of February. I had just wondered the night before what birds the 55mph winds may have blown in. I got my binocs and rushed to the rear deck opening the door to one more slow ghostly whistle. I could not tell which direction from whenst the eerie sound had come but I was not the only one who had rushed to see "what the hell was that?!" My yard was suddenly filled with scolding jays, chickadees, finches and titmice. After a seemingly hour long minute I and the flock of scolding gravity masters calmed and realized the alien was gone. What miracle had I missed?! Probably a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Maybe a chupacabra; I have never heard either of those before. Yea verily. All hale the magic conch! Below are photos of the most likely originations of the chilling whistle that I can come up with.

Tumbes Tyrant

El Chupacabra


Anonymous said...

There's one of each in the NKY/Cincy area being spotted regularly right now! bws

Anonymous said...

I'm outta here! Colorado or bust!!!!