Thursday, January 17, 2008

What the Hell?

My wife just looked at the calendar where I had marked the dates for me going to Florida. She said "What makes you think you are going to Florida!?" DOH! So, needless to say my chances of going are looking grim. What kind of jackass tries to skip out of town on his family during the weekend of the big train show and family reunion? Now that I put it that way, I guess I should go and just plan it for a later date. I am going to try and go birding this afternoon a bit. I don't expect to find much new but want to get out and see what I can see. I will update later on what I see or don't see today. Maybe I will get lucky and be the first to see a Northern Jacana in KY/OH and maybe, just maybe I will go to Florida on the 25th.....NOT! Dumb ass.

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