Friday, May 2, 2008


I made a quick stop at the Oxbow in Lawrenceburg, IN today and the highlights were a couple of beautiful Prothonatary Warblers, tons of Palm Warblers, some yellow-rumps, common yellowthroat, Purple Martin and a Black-crowned Night Heron! I took the Lost Bridge and Mt.Nebo Rd. home and quickly got new species for the year Cliff Swallow, American Redstart and Yellow Warbler. That makes a quick 6 new species for the year. I listed a Golden-winged Warbler which I haven't accounted for yet because I didn't see it and it could have been a Lawrence's or Brewster's. I will have to do some listing research on that but most likely will remove it from my list on eBird leaving me at 208 for the year. e2

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