Monday, November 24, 2008


Liam's Cross Country trophy
Liam's Cross Country banquet was last night. He is in the second grade and was 6 years old for most of the season. There were only a couple of team mates who made the 75 mile club and 2 who made the 100 mile club(8th graders who run longer distances at practice and races) He even ran some of the 3000-3200 meter races at the end of the year that only the older kids do. I am so proud of him for working so hard!

Princess Elle Belle
It's just me and Elle today so we are dancing to Aretha and doing puzzles. I wish we had a car so we could go check out the Glaucous Gull being seen at East Fork Lake. I am not sure how they have determined that it isn't an albino Herring Gull, which is what it would be if I found a Glaucous Gull. Alas, since I didn't find it and won't likely make it out before it is gone then it is surely a Glaucous Gull! e2


BWS said...

That's an awesome award. I used to love sports--played a lot of baseball, basketball, football, but never could get into running for distance! I'd have rather taken a beating than run a mile!

e2 said...

It is awesome! I don't know how he does it...he looks so little out there racing with 6th graders.
I am right with you on running but he loves it. e2