Thursday, July 16, 2009


The first weekend of August will be spent at Land Between the Lakes. I have been there before but have never birded there so it will be interesting to go with birds in mind. After that talks are in the works for a weekend trip to Southeast AZ again and maybe a weekend camping trip to south TX! So fair feathered friends, hang in there and you should here about some birding soon enough. I do have a friend who said he was going to take me to an unbirded spot I could tell you about but I guess he is full of it!?
I have agreed to a cyclocross race in TN in November and an earlier bid to exercise and lose weight failed. I have started again. I have a plan in place to lose 100lbs by race time. I am using a different scale now and plan on using it exclusively from this point forward. My starting weight this time is 318lbs. I don't think I gained weight over the last month, I think the scale is just more accurate than the one I was using. Regardless, 318 is my starting point. I have 14 or 15 weeks to lose 100lbs! I will update my weight weekly and plan on picking up on the exercise blog again. Good thing I suck at math or I probably wouldn't think it was possible.

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